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Tue, 24 Oct 2023 – Thu, 26 Oct 2023

Happy Easter

As Easter blooms with hope and joy, we wanted to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a delightful and blessed Easter!

May your day be filled with the warmth of springtime, the joy of sharing special moments with family and friends, and the sweetness of chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs

Happy Lunar New Year

The year of the rabbit will bring you glad tidings.  We will be launching another product in Jan 2023 Stay tuned.


Clip On Selfie Ring Light
Easy Starter

Get the perfect lighting for your photos with this selfie ring light.

Atmospheric Projection Lamp
Hot Christmas Gift

Enhanced your Tiktok videos with natural ambient light from adjustable angles and colours

Studio Light Box

Creating your own studio with these lights

Mobirise Website Builder
Portable Mobile Holder for Tiktok Videos
Influencer Favorites 

Now you can broadcast and take videos with ease.

Mobirise Website Builder
Star & Galaxy Projector
Great Kids Toy

Enjoy a beautiful light display with the kids

Mobirise Website Builder
Studio Lights

Get professional with studio lights

YouTube Channel

Product in Action

You can visit our Youtube Channel for all video instructions on our products.  It will show case unboxing, product usage and actual realistic video that will give you unbias view of the product. 


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At Kerost, We specialist in online shopping mainly in the electronics section operating in the Australasia Region. Online shopping became widely adopted during the pandemic but was missing the realities of traditional shopping. We bring to you a selection of hand picked products and provide the most realistic look and feel to the product so that our users can shop with confidence. 

Come visit our store and explore our product range.

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